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PYra Pro

PYra v2 Silicon Carbide

-Designed for the Peak Pro Rebuildable Chamber

-Hot-Isostatic Pressed, Reaction Bonded SiSiC

-Thermal Conductivity, 120w/mk

-No Sintering Additives or Aids

-18.75mm Outer Diameter (Base)

-15.5mm Inner Diameter

-Designed in the USA/Manufactured in Japan

The PYra is back! Refined for 2021, the PYra is redefining inserts. Now produced of SiSiC, the PYra v2 is manufactured in a pressureless mold at extreme temperatures not requiring the use of sintering aids. Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) strengthens SiC by surface modification now allowing us to achieve a newer and smoother eye-catching design. The PYra’s oversized base reduces interior chamber size for a warmer, more flavorful experience.