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HALO Ti CAP (Peak)

The Halo is are our universal top cap replacement for the Puffco Peak! We designed the Halo as the last replacement cap or band you’ll ever need. Designed for all original V3 atomizer chambers, the Halo amplifies your experience fitting with both 3G and Non-3G inserts! Installed by lightly twisting the Halo Cap downwards seat it. After The Halo cap is seated pull the heat shield into place and it is ready for use!

Halo Cap

  • This cap fits 3G Pyra AIN, Floridian SiC Hybrid,  Floridian SiC, Floridian SE,  Floridian Whiteout, Pyra Ti, and Titanium V1.
  • Designed to fit inserts up to 16.0mm wide and 15mm tall and other larger/wider non-3g inserts

*Check with your insert manufacturer for dimensions for fitment or E-mail Us: [email protected]


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