Global Semiconductor Shortage

How does this affect 3GRAMS?

We have always been proud to offer high-quality advanced ceramic and carbide inserts. Our materials fall within the semiconductor industry with the usage of AlN/SiC wafer/substrate. (pre-machined Material) Recently, the world has begun to experience shortages of both materials and production availability. Due to this, large corporations within auto, aerospace, and small electronics markets have begun stockpiling materials. This has directly affected our cost of material and increased production times significantly. The usage of SiC/AlN has skyrocketed in recent years up until now. The cost, performance, and stability of Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Nitride within the semiconductor market has finally outweighed the use of previous materials (e.g pure silicon/gallium nitride). With the increased usage of SiC/AlN in recent years, it’s now caused a massive unavailability spike in the market.

As a result, this has already begun to directly affect our retail pricing, product availability, and future productions. We are only able to produce our current demand up until now. We can no longer accept pre-orders as production and delivery expectations are unclear for the immediate future. We will still continue production of our inserts but slower and, in much lower quantities. This leaves us unable to answer the demand for newer inserts such as the PRO and PYRA ALN past the month of May. We expect to sell out of all ALN completely before the end of May followed by SiC. We expect any future productions to delay by up to 45-60 days through the next few months. This has also affected current projects within the production prototype phase (e.g. PRO-SiC). Any inserts that have recently sold out will be randomly stocked in low quantities as they become available. Once all pre-orders have completed, we will have a limited amount of Pro & Pyra inserts available at the end of May or within the first week of June.

We’re currently evaluating how to proceed. As of now, this will continue to affect 3G’s productions on current and unreleased hardware. We’re further working to contract additional machine time as our materials become readily available. We appreciate the support and have been absolutely amazed by the reception of our newest inserts. 

In final, we will continue to work and find the answers that allow us to increase and stabilize production numbers on our most popular items. We pride ourselves on producing the best quality inserts at our normal retail pricing. We appreciate the continued support popularizing our newest product and are heartbroken to share these recent developments. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work to find further resolutions.

If you have any questions, please open a Support Ticket